Monday, December 21, 2009

28# Quickie with PALMela HANDerson

Three shakes and a flush later I was dressing myself into decency preparing to wash my hands and return to my office. I opened the stall door following the unwritten code of conduct of man law concerning rest room behavior. The rules were simple, little to no eye contact and even less rest room conversation until we were on the outside of the restroom door. As I walked towards them, I gave the appropriate quick head nod in acknowledgement of their presence when they glanced to see who I was. They did the same in return as I reached the sink filling my palm full of pink soap trying to act as if I was not listening to their conversation. I clapped my hands together gently, washing then rinsing my chance for a quickie with PALMela HANDerson down the sink. When I turned, to dry my hands I saw my boss and my co-worker huddled together reading my co-workers blackberry messages. “What has you two school girls acting so giddy?” I asked joking trying not to feel left out. “Come here Devin tell me what you would do if you got a message like this” my co-worker said before he started reading the e-mail to our boss. “I’m looking for a group of friends who are my co-workers who seek a submissive female that is down for a gangbang,” he read as my eyes opened wide surprised that he was reading this in front of our boss. “I like ass smacking, hair pulling and name calling type of sex” he said as he continued reading the e-mail on his cell phone. “I want you to use me as a complete cum dump! I want all of this to go down in your SUV as we ride around town during our lunch hour. Tinted windows of course is a must have or you guys can sex me at an alternate location like an adult video store or in a parking lot. I Expect and want to be treated like a complete whore, anything less wouldn’t be satisfying to me. If you want to come out and play with 2-4 of your friends or other co-workers you know what to do! I know your wife is boring and you are dying for some real excitement in your life! Please reply” he said as he finished reading his sexually explicit message…

Sunday, November 1, 2009

27# - Potentially being caught

The smell of cheap air freshener splashed on my face from the air moving as I opened the restroom door. I entered casually looking around to make sure that I was alone and then made my way to one of the restroom stalls. The muffled sounds of work activity on the other side of the wall gave me an exhilarating sense of excitement from potentially being caught. I stood with my back against the stall door eyes closed trying to imagine what it would be like to get oral sex in a restroom stall. I unbuckled my belt with a sneaky smile on my face then unfastened my pants exposing the zipper that I gently pulled downward. I pushed my right hand into my boxer shorts slowly moving downward across my fuzzy shaved pubic area. “I wonder if Jennifer would be freaky enough to swallow my man cream in the men’s restroom,” I thought fantasizing about being seduced by the young college intern. My palm felt warm when I wrapped my fingers around the middle of my shaft, pulling carefully to remove my throbbing maleness from its snug but restricting space. Man cream oozed slightly to the surface of my mushroom cap as I teased myself with slow up and down shaft strokes. My imaginary images were vivid in my mind seeing the top of Jennifer’s head bouncing up and down in my lap. I began to breathe heavy from my mouth as I imagined the friction from my sliding hand was me pushing and pulling my dick in and out of Jennifer’s mouth. With every stroke, I added a little more pressure and speed until the sensation was tickling the pit of my stomach as I anticipated the hard squirting climax to come. My erection was long and thick; definitely battle ready as I opened my eyes to watch myself sliding in my hand. My confidence grew as I felt like I could satisfy any woman making myself smile from a little penis envy. My sexual mischief was interrupted by the squeaky sound of the restroom door opening. I shook my head in disbelief hearing my boss and another co- worker entering talking loudly. Their echoing voices and reality of my situation shrank my python into an inchworm almost instantly. I stood motionless and silent for a few moments with my meat in my hand feeling disappointed as I forced myself to drain my bladder. The fluid trickled out slowly until it became a full stream clearing my ding-a-ling of the man cream that would have potentially left a wet spot on the front of my slacks…

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BLOG 26 -Sex with a skeleton

"Why do you keep thinking about some other chick who is emailing you when your wife seems to be handling her business at home" Jennifer asked? "That's what’s wrong with married people, always wanting something or someone new instead of being happy with what they have. If she is treating you right, you should try to make things work sexually with her,” Jennifer preached only knowing half the story. “That’s the problem,” I thought to myself “she isn’t treating me right especially sexually” I thought reflecting on my wife’s deceptive masturbating. “We try to spice things up sexually but I always end up feeling like I’m having sex with a skeleton,” I thought to myself remembering a photo I saw on the internet.

“Okay” Jennifer said “I feel better now after putting in my two cents...WOO0SAAAH” she whispered loudly making us both start laughing. I walked out of her cubical leaving her in suspense by not commenting on her perspective as she shouted, “I’m always here if you want to talk.” The thought provoking mystery writer consumed my mind melting my logic into irrational thought soup as I walked towards my office. “Who the hell keeps sending me these wild e-mails?” I whispered quietly thinking out loud to myself as I walked down the hall looking at the messages on my cell phone. I glanced at my watch noticing that it was almost time to meet Angie for lunch smiling at the fact that I had not done any work this morning. Most of my time was spent talking to Jennifer trying to get her woman's point of view and flirt with her at the same time.

I stopped at the restroom on my way back to my office feeling daring after reading my messages again. The electricity of my thoughts surged through my body making my dick get hard again. I thought about masturbating and the intense pleasure of a hard squirting release of built up pressure. “I could kill two birds with one stone if I humored the man meat e-mail photo request,” I thought as the urge to cum over ran my logic and common sense. I was curious to see what would happen; maybe I could make a new female friend. Or, be humiliated by the never-ending series of jokes, rumors and office gossip that would occur if the photo was made public...